December 5 drawing winner

The winner of the $50.00 December 5 Bugle Drawing is T.J. West of Charlestown, WVA. T.J. travels to Roanoke 3 or 4 times a year to visit friends and reads the Bingo Bugle on line to plan the game she and her husband will play. They played Valley AFC at Gator Hall. (had a good night) … They entered the drawing by email. T.J. and the 9 other drawing winners will receive a future membership in a Bugle Mega Millions’ club. You should enter now and be in the mix for the January drawing.


Due to my error (can’t get good help these days) the closing date on your certificate reads Oct. 9 thru December 30 where as actually it should have ended on NOVEMBER 30. I will extend the closing date to DECEMBER 28. (my gift to all members of mm118) Who knows, maybe this will be the one?


The winner of the $50.00 drawing prize for Nov. 5 is Bobbi Whalen of Richmond. Bobbi played (and entered) in Valley Hall while visiting friends in Roanoke. She found the available games on the Bugle Web Site. She, and 9 others will also receive future Bugle Mega Club Memberships… Enter today for you chance to win next month. Your check is on the way Bobbi….


MEGA ALERT! Today, Thursday 10/18, the Lottery Dept. has raised the JP for Friday from $900 million to $970 million! Can it reach a BILLION! Make sure you have a ticket … It only takes one to win…

Tuesday’s MEGA MILLION JACKPOT has increased to $667 Million due to increased sales … Make sure you have at least one ticket. Remember, as “LL” says, “YOU CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T PLAY”..


Due to a change in my bank’s policy .. (after 20 years) If you are sending a check/m.o. for your club membership, you must make the check out to: BINGO BUGLE .. they are not accepting Mega Club or Bugle Club. I have a couple received this month that I will return with the new club’s information. Thanks …

Top Of Page Win

Do you follow the “LL” Numbers to Watch”? If so you will see another win for the September page. Check it out on LL results now ….


A new Friday night game has started in Roanoke. The game sponsored by Stealerz Fast Pitch plays at 3424 Orange Ave. Doors open at 5:30 and play starts at 6:30. Full details will appear in the October Issue of the Bingo Bugle.

"LL" Has a Winner

If you follow "LL"s Numbers to watch you will see that 024 hit in any order on Friday night.  Hey, $40 is $40 ... Check them all out in the August Bugle ... 


Effective Sunday, September 2 a new game begins .  Check out the game sponsored by the Optimist Club of Lynchburg.  Games are Sunday and Tuesday. Check out the ad on page 5. And .. find it on the Lynchburg page on line now.  Games held at Kemper Street Flea Market.  434-851-9980.

August 5th Drawing

The winner of the $50.00 Bugle Drawing for August 5 is .... Sarah Miller of Richmond.  Sarah played at Valley Hall in Vinton earlier this spring and picked up her copy of the Bingo Bugle Newspaper.  When she returned home to Richmond she entered the drawing on line.  Congratulations Sarah; your check is in the mail.  You, and the other 9 winners will also receive a 16 drawing membership in a future Mega Millions' Club.  You can be the next winner.  Enter today...


Your August, 2018 Bingo Bugle Newspaper Issue is ready for you.  Go to the Editions page, click on August, and Enjoy.  The print issues will be delivered prior to your first August game.