A FREE 10 page booklet titled HOW TO PLAY BINGO is available to Bugle Web Site Readers. It explains in simple language how to play the game.  You can get the PDF on line copy ready for printing at no cost to you or your organization.  Just send an email to and your copy will be sent.  You can use it if you would like to play the game but don't know how, or if you are a bingo game manager, you can print copies for your players, prepare copies for new players at your games, or use it as a training tool for new staffers. Send today,



A new game for Bingo Bugle Readers ....Gretna Youth Sports Bingo plays on Wednesday nights and are located at 203 Northside Dr. in Gretna.  You'll find their ad on page 19 of the August issue. The Phone number is 434-656-6572.