what do you know? the top (top of page) pick 3 finally hit in exact order on 4/25 … “LL” has played it for almost 2 years now. last time it hit in exact order was on 4/15/2015 … that night it paid a total of $71,000 … i guess people like myself like playing numbers not out for a while …. tonights hit paid $198,000 …”LL” will select a new top number and let you know asap. I hope you were on it…

It happened again on 4/16 when 288 was the winner in the afternoon drawing.. another $80 pick up. It should be out Exact order soon…

“LL” numbers to watch had 2 any order pick 3 hits this week so far. on the 11th the winner was 882 while “ll” had 288 for an $80 win and then on friday night the winner was 027 … ‘ll” had 720 for another pick up of $40… Hope you had them …

“ll”s numbers to watch start march with an any order win in pick4. Worth $100 as a 50/50 .. nice way to begin th month. Watch these numbers for the rest of the month.

numbers to watch had 2 any order wins last night when 926 was the winner. the t.o.p (top of page) number is 269 and 629 is a january number. thats the 3rd time in a month that 269 hit in any order. can it be close to hitting in exact order?

night drawing on 1/15 gave “LL” Numbers to watch an exact win when 707 hit. hope you were on it …

December 26 day draw gave “LL” a $40 hit when 269 hit as 296 …Hey, a hit is a hit … Maybe better tonight.

Sept. 18 day draw gave us the t.o.p. pick 4 number in any order. 8-0-4-2 was the winner and the top of page pick 4 number for september is 4802 … hasn’t been out in a long time. maybe an exact win is in our near future?

pick 4 number to watch hit in any order on 9/16…0237 hit .. 3072 is how “LL” played it. Hey, $100 is $100 …now … when will it come out exact?

Knew it ... received 2 email from players who received their Bugles yesterday and played 288 today!  congratulations to both players ... one in roanoke and one in lynchburg .... More coming?

early start .. sept. numbers to watch had a winner today (aug. 31) when 228 hit on the day drawing.  no, "LL" wasn't on it.  he always plays new numbers on the first of the month.  I hope someone had it .. let me know


"LL" had it's first August hit on Friday, 8/17.  Hey, $40 is $40 ... It's still early in the month for more..

TOP 269 hit again as 962 on 7/24 night drawing .. has to come out exact soon ... been a long time .... oh well, I'll take $40....


final day of june gave "ll" another any order pick 3 win when 562 was the night number. "LL" had 265.  no exact win in june.  Maybe July?  good luck..

2nd "LL" to watch any order win on sat. 6/9 when 218 hit. "LL" had 821 as a june pick.  gee, maybe one of these will win in exact order tonight?

The first "LL" Any ordere win for June happened on Friday night, 6/8 when 850 was the exact winner.  "LL" had it as 508 worth $40 pick up in any order.  

Today, March 10, the pick 3 TOP of the page number, 269 hit as 926 .. paid $40 for those who play it.  I feel it could be a good month for "LL"s numbers ... check them out and see which one you like.

The first "ll" number to watch win was a 4/5 cash 5 win.  on saturday, 3/2 we had all but the 11 on the winning numberes 1-9-11-30-33 ... .. if you played it for $1.00 you won $100.00 or 50 cents would have given you $50.00.  with the 11 you would have won $5,000 ... oh well, maybe tonight...

February 21 night draw gave "LL"s numbers to watch an exact hit when 649 was the winning pick 3 number.  It was the first exact hit since jan. 23 ... if you played it and had it exact for $1.00 you won $500.  if 50/50 you won $290... if you had it both ways you picked up $790.... hope you had it...

february 14th afternoon drawing gave "ll" a 4/5 cash 5 hit ... winning number was 2, 3, 18, 20, 27... "Ll" had 2, 3, 5, 18, 20 .... only missing the 27 .. if you played it for $1.00 you would have won $100.00, 50 cents paid $50. and 25 cents paid $25.... happy valentine's day!

january 23 gave "LL" the first exact win of the month.  2-8-8 was the exact winner for the night drawing.  I hope some of you were on it ... (yes, "LL" was)  we still have a week to go with these numbers;

december 18th day drawing gave us an $80 win when 188 was the winning pick 3 number.  ll's number to watch was 881.  that was the 2nd win for december to date.  two week's remain in 2017 ... who knows?

december 2 had an any order pick 3 win on saturday wgeb 085 was the daytime winner... 'll' had 508 as a number to watch ... maybe its a start to a good month?

"LL" had it's 2nd October any order win on Saturday, 10/7 when 0-7-3 was the winner .. The number to watch was 7-3-0 .. hey, $40 is $40 ...  Time for an exact hit!

the first 'll' number (TOP) 269 came out again on 10/3 as 962 for an any order win ... it last hit on 8/3 as 296.. can it be far away for an exact hit?  Hope not ...

to date the september numbers to watch had 2 pick 3 any order wins.. 725 was the winner and 926 was a winner  too.  hope you had them .. hey, $40 is $40 .. maybe more tonight....

if you follow the "LL" numbers to watch you will see an "ALMOST" win on cash 5.  if you played $1.00 on the 4, 8, 10, 30, 32 number to watch you would have picked up $100.... the 4 correct numbers were 4, 8, 10, 30 .. missing only the 12 .... with the 12 in place of the 32 it would have paid a cool $100,000 ... oh well almost .... maybe tonight?  hope you were on it too.

Thursday, 8/3 afternoon  drawing gave "LL" T.O.P. number 269 an any order win when 296 came out.  can an exact hit be far away?

Wednesday, June 7 day drawing gave "LL" Numbers to watch the first win for june.  7257 hit .. it was any order for "LL"s 2757 Pick 4 choice for June.  Due to it having doubles it will pay $200 if you played it. Hope so!  That's the first win for june.  What's next?

on the next to last day in may, in the afternoon pick 3 drawing 2-4-6 hit in exact order ... that was the second exact win for "LL' this month.  yes, I had it for $2... that's $790 ... a good month with 3 drawings to go....

The first May win was an Exact hit on Mother's Day when 4-2-2 came out in Exact order.  Don't forget, when pick 3 hits on a double the 50/50 payout is $330... hope you had it too.

"LL"s 268 hit in any order on 2/21 (day) when 826 was the winner.  you picked up $40 if you played it in A.O. or 50/50.  needed the 8 and 2 to have come out in reverse order for an exact win.  oh well, maybe tonight?

on the night of 1/19, 601 came back in exact order!   it hit in any order on 1/8.  if you had it 50/50 you made $290, exact order - $500 ... or both as i did, $790 .... been quite a while where one of 'll's numbers hit in exact order .... 11 days remain in january ... (working on numbers for feb. now)

On the night of 1/8, 601 hit in any order.  it was one of 'll's numbers to watch in january. No, i wasn't on it because it was the first night in many moons that i didn't have tickets.  ( major snow/ice storm) cost me $40... maybe it will come back as exact soon....

on wednesday, 12/7 the first "LL" number to watch was an any order winner ... 3-6-9 was the winner and 'll' had 396 .... hey, $40 IS $40 ... MAYBE TONIGHT AN EXACT?  on the night of 12/21 another "LL" number, 246 hit in any order ...  Time for an exact hit, isn't it?

4802 out again on 11/21 ... this time as 4820 .. almost!  it paid another $100 .. that $300 on it so far this month ... come on 4-8-0-2 ....

the top of page pick 4 number, 4802, had an interesting day on 11/10 .... it came out as 8042 in the day drawing and 8204 at night.  that gave players 2 $100 wins for a 50/50 or 50 cent any order play.  can an exact win be too far off?

the october "LL" numbers to watch gave followers a 4/5 Cash 5 win tonight on 10/4 ..winning numbers were 20-21-23-24-25 ..ll had all but the 25 .. had 22 instead ... a $1 wager would give you $100m 50 cents would pay $50 and 25 cents would pay $25 ... oh yes, the fifth number would have paid $50,000!  oh well maybe next time .....

the t.o.p. pick 3 number 269 was an any order winner on the night of 9/2 .. hey, $40 is $40 ... it should be coming out as exact shortly ...

If you checked out "ll"s numbers to watch today on line you will see that one of the september pick 4s had an any order win.  the number that came out was 8760 and "LL" had 0768 ... 50/50 would have paid you $100 for the any order win.  check out the other picks in the september edition.  your halls will have them prior to the first game of the month.

Followers of the  "LL" Top of the page numbers had an any order hit on Thursday, 8/18 night.  Can an exact hit be too far off? the top of page number is 2-6-9 and the winning number was 6-2-9...   "LL" believes it is due ... check out all the August picks on the lottery lowdown page.  that's the 3rd hit so far in august.

august 15 night drawing gave an any order pick 3 win on the august numbers to watch.  0-1-8 was the winner ... "ll" had 108 in the picks... hey, $40 is $40 ...

Last night, August 1, gave players the first exact pick 3 win from 'll's numbers to watch when 554 was the winner ... the double 5s paid $330 for a $1.00 5o/50 play or $500 for an exact play.  hope some of you had it ... check out the others on the 'll' page of the august bingo bugle.

tonight, 4/26, gave the april "ll" numbers to watch followers an any order pick 4 win when 5772 was the winner ... "LL" had it as 2757 ... due to the double 7S in this number the 50/50 payout is $200.00 ....

4/17 night drawing gave followers of the "LL" Numbers to watch in the april issue will see that the 2-6-7 hit in exact order tonight!  this was the first exact hit on these numbers.  hope you had a buck or 2 on it .... congrats!

3/9 night drawing gave 'll' an any order win when 7-7-8 came out ... 877 is the route number where the piney river moose lodge bingo plays ... hey, $80 is $80 ... maybe it will come back later this week?

If you follow "LL"s TOP (top of page) pick 3 number over the past several months you will know that it was 4-2-3 .... Yes, it came out tonight, 3/3 in exact order.  as we do whenever a t.o.p. number hits in exact order it comes down and is replaced.  the new t.o.p. number is .... 2-6-9 .. an old pick 3 favorit of many pick 3 players.  is it due?  how long will it take to come out?  nobody knows, but yes, 'll' will "invest" a buck or 2 in each drawing.  how do you feel about it?  good luck!

NOTE:  423 returned on 3/10 day draw as 2-3-4 ...  Hey, $40 is $40 ....

February 28 night drawing brought "LL" the first exact pick 3 win of the month.  6-0-6 was the winner. LL bought his tickets at 10:15 p.m.  yes, glad he stopped on his way home .... Hope you had it too!

a nice start to the january's numbers to watch ... on thursday, 12/31 the winning daytime drawing pick 3 number was 6-3-5 ... "ll" has 3-5-6 as one of the numbers for january.  check out the other numbers in the january issue on page 18.

did you play "LL"s pick 4s for december?  if you had 1226 tonight, 12/17, exact for $1 you won $5.000, $1 50/50 you would have won $200 ... Congratulations!

The first "LL" Pick 3 number (top #) 423 came out on 12/ 14 in any order as 243.  I was pleased with the $40 hit in a slow starting month ... maybe it will improve tonight ....

On 11/10 the afternoon Pick 3 winner was 9-8-1 ... It was an any order win for the numbers to watch pick of 9-1-8 ... worth $40 for an any order win if you were on it... got an email from one reader who in error played it as "combo"  ... cost her $6.00 but she went back and collected her $500! ... nice mistake!

WOW!  the "LL" numbers to watch for november just hit the web site and stores today and one of the numbers, 996, hit in exact order in the afternoon drawing.  yes, i did stop on my way home from c'vill and played a buck, 50/50 on  each of them.  will go out for the $330 win when i get my night tickets.  check out all of the november picks on page 18 of the november issue .... might be a good month.  just had an email from one roanoke player reporting that she had it too!

Here we go again ... it is October 2nd and the "LL" Numbers to Watch for October had it's first ANY ORDER hit.  6-2-9 hit in the afternoon drawing.  Check out all of the October numbers on page 18 on the "LL" page in this issue.

Another "LL" Number to watch Pick 3 has hit! .. first 572 came out on 9/16, then it came back on 9/23, then today, 9/25 another pick came out in the afternoon drawing ... 1-1-2 was the exact winner.  can another hit prior to the end of the month?  We will have to wait and see......This is the first time "LL" has had 3 exact wins on pick 3.....

If you follow LL's Numbers to watch you will have seen an exact winner (572) on the afternoon of September 16th..... Check out all the predictions on page 18 of the september issue....

ll's pick 3 nubers to watch had an any order hit when 284 came out.  the september numbers to watch include 824...  go to the september edition for all the projected picks on page 18.

The t.o.p. number on the lottery lowdown page has the pick 4 number 4-8-0-2 ... the number for the night drawing pick 4 number was 4-2-8-0... if you had it 50/50 you won $100 .... yes, it would have been nice had it come out exact.  maybe tomorrow?

On Sunday, 7/19, "LL"s pick of 714 won in any order as 147.  Hope you had it ...

If you follow "LL"s numbers to watch and played the MONEY BALL numbers in the june issue, you would have picked up $100 ... yes, 4 of 5 only pays that amount... the winning numbers were 2, 6, 18, 21, 27.   "LL" had all but the 18 ... had the 7 instead... Yes, it woke me up following the drawings... hmmm, maybe next time?

Looking for the June "LL" numbers to watch for pick 3?  Here they are: 222, 053, 351, and 720.  Check out page 18 of the june issue on the editions page.

the first winner for the "LL" Numbers to watch" for May occured on Tuesday, 5/5.  The pick 4 winner was 7-0-2-3 ... "LL"s number to watch was 3-0-7-2 .... (gee, same as the bugle telephone number) ... any order paid $100.  hope you had it!

once again a number hit in any order on april 1 for $40 ... 172 ... here are the april numbers to watch: 443, 555, 557, & 663 .. to see the other picks for april see the lottery lowdown page in the bugle.  you can see the entire newspaper on the editions page on line while reading this post.. have a lucky april.


February 4th, daytime drawing gave "LL" the first win of the month when 3-7-5 was the winner.  (357)  a hit is a hit ... i'll stay on it with the other 3 numbers to watch for the month. check out the numbers to watch on page 18 ....

December 25 gave "LL" followers an any order win on 9-6-6 when the winning pick 3 number was 6-9-6.  hey, $80 is $80.  January numbers will be posted on line before the first of the year.  Happy new year!


12/9 Night Drawings gave players of the numbers to watch an exact win on 1-3-7 ...Hope you had it!

10/31 day drawing gave players of the numbers to watch an Any Order win when 793 hit.  ("LL" had 937)

"LL"s Pick 3s to Watch are: 5-2-4, 5-2-7, 8-3-0, and 9-3-7 .... For all of the "LL" Numbers to watch, pick up your copy of the Bingo Bugle Newspaper or check out the November Issue on line on Nov. 29.  Good Luck!

Friday night, Oct. 17 brought out "LL"s number to watch in P/4 when 0-1-4-8 came out. "LL"s number to watch was 8-1-0-4 ... To see the other Numbers To Watch for October go to the Editions Page on line or see the "LL" page on your print copy.  Any Order of this Pick 4 number would pay you $100 for a 50 cent wager.

Saturday, July 19 brought 746 out in Any Order for a $40 pick up. The exact order was 467 .... Been 2/3 several times during the month already. Can the Exact Hit be far away?

"LL"s Numbers to Watch for October include 708, 628, 367, and 391.  The TOP number remains 5-1-5  .. been close over the past months but not Exact. You can check the remaining numbers in the Print Copy or on line under the EDITIONS category.   GOOD LUCK!

LL's Numbers to Watch for July are: 199, 386, 746 and 996.  Check back to see how we are doing for the month.  For all numbers go to the July page in the EDITIONS blog on this site.

Friday the 13th brought "LL" it's first win of the month when 3-3-5 was the winning Pick 3 in the night drawing ... (yes, "LL" had a couple of bucks on it.. )  Keep watching!

June issue Pick 3 numbers to watch are: 3-3-5, 9-0-2, 6-6-9, and 7-6-5.  Check back during the month to see how we are doing.. Want Pick4, Cash 5, and Powerball picks too.  Check them out on line.   

Readers who play the Top Of Page Numbers would have picked up $80 on the afternoon of the 14th when 1-5-5 hit ... 5-1-5 is the Exact Order for the number.  Hmmm Maybe tonight?

Reader asks for updates of "LL"s Numbers To Watch.  I will start with the May Issue.  Pick 3s are: 776, 203, 964, and 466.

On the night drawing for April 30 the winner was 496 ... an Any Order win for "LL"... That's $40 to start the month ... I'll keep you informed of other wins during the month of MAY.